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Industrial Control Systems

Complete control systems for integration on new or existing industrial processes

Astles PC500 Chemical Control System ACS

Astles Chemical Control System

PC500 Multi-Loop Washer Chemical Control System

The PC500 system is a rugged microprocessor-based control system designed for use in an industrial environment. The system is rated to IP65 and all exposed parts are chemically resistant.

TFM01 Total Fluoride Monitor Astles Control Systems ACS Chemical Controls

Waste Water Total Fluoride Monitoring

Automatic Total Fluoride Monitoring

The Total Fluoride Monitor is a rugged microprocessor-based system designed for use in an industrial water treatment plant. The system is rated to IP65

Astles Self contained dosing system ACS chemical control system

Astles Self-Contained
Dosing System

Dosing pump mounted on a day tank

The Self-Contained Dosing System contains a 200-litre day tank with pre-installed dosing pump and draw-up tube. The compact dimensions mean that this system can be installed in any location the user requires.

Astles pump stand ACS chemical control system stainless steel dosing

Astles Pump Stands

Stainless steel enclosed pump stand

Industrial stainless steel constructed pump stand. Each pump is individually enclosed for safety and convience of maintenance. 

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