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Bespoke Chemical Control Systems

PC500 Multi-Loop Washer Chemical Control System

The PC500 system is a rugged microprocessor-based control system designed for use in an industrial environment. The system is rated to IP65 and all exposed parts are chemically resistant.

Astles Chemical Control systems dosing system PC500 ACS

The scalability and flexibility of the system means that the end user can specify the system to suit their requirements. Control parameters can include:


  • Free Acid

  • Fluoride

  • pH

  • RmV

  • Conductivity

  • Redox (Chlorine dosing)

  • Mobility Enhancer Dosing (Can Count)


The control panel has a large touch-sensitive colour display giving process information in graphical format. The display can be customised to match the layout of the plant. A typical mimic shows process values, setpoints, pump status, operating modes and alarm conditions. The operator can access screens to make adjustments and gain detailed information about a section of the process. Trend graphs show historical trends of measured process conditions and records are retained for several years. Chemical usage is tracked by pump run time.

The system can be designed around major PLC types, including Allen Bradley and Siemens safety PLCs. The system can be configured with up to 64 controlled or monitored parameters.

Auto Operation

When a pump is set to auto mode, the system controls chemical dosing according to process conditions. Dosing may be controlled by can count or a measured parameter, such as pH.

Manual Operation

Manual mode gives the operator control of pump speed and may be used during sensor maintenance.

Both Auto and Manual mode are interlocked to the washer mat and dosing is inhibited when the washer stops.

Off and Pause

Pumps can be switched off or paused. Pause will automatically time-out after 20 minutes to stop the operator accidentally leaving dosing switched off.

Shot Dose

At any time, the operator may initiate a shot dose, which runs a pump at full speed for a set period of time or until the shot dose is stopped manually.


The PC500 trending screens allow a clear view of each process over a 24-hour period. Data is stored to enable the operator to review historical process conditions. Red Lion and Siemens HMIs store historical data for at least 5 years.

Alarm Handling

The PC500 has a comprehensive alarm handling system that logs both alarms and events. The log records the occurrence, acknowledgement and clearing of the alarm.

Chemical Usages

The system records the volume of chemical being dosed to each controlled stage both in absolute litres and ml per 1000 cans. The chemical usage totaliser can be reset by the operator or automatically at the start of each shift.

Remote Access

The PC500 comes with Ethernet communications to permit remote interrogation and data logging.


The PC500 HMI protects adjustments to the system variables via a security login screen. 4 security levels are available (no protection, operator, manager, system) and the security level required to adjust the parameters can be set independently of each other.

Sensor Technology

All of the PC500 sensing systems utilise 4 to 20 mA current loop transmitters for interference free signal transmission to the control panel. Conductivity sensors are chosen to suit process conditions. Inductive conductivity probes are used where conventional sensors may be susceptible to fouling. Contacting conductivity probes are used in low conductivity situations, such as de-ionised water rinses. A choice of pH sensors is available to suit a variety of process conditions. Fluoride measurement is achieved using an ACS industrial ion selective electrode with signal linearisation to give true ppm readout. Other sensors are available such as redox, temperature, flow, level, & pressure. All are rugged industrial probes that provide long and reliable service in the most demanding applications.

Multi Language

The PC500 can be programmed with two or more languages. At the touch of a button the screens switch between languages.

Technical Specifications:



110V or 230V AC 50/60Hz. 16A   Max.


1000x800x300 typical

45kg typical

0° – 50°C
20% to 80% non-condensing

Analogue Inputs

2 to 32




800x600 or 1280x800 bright, wide angle CCFL TFT 

32-bit processor 

Accelerated graphics controller
Resistive touchscreen

Astles PC500 chemical control system trend
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