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Astles can offer a variety of products and services to suit your needs, from automated multi-stage chemical control systems, to waste water monitoring and dosing solutions.

Control Systems

Astles specialise in creating bespoke automatic feedback-loop control systems capable of keeping tight control of chemical processes. Ensuring every unique customer specification can be met.

Our flagship product of this type is the PC500 chemical control system, which maintains precise control parameters across multiple stages of a production process simultaneously.

Regular Maintenance and Calibrations

We recommend our customers make use of the routine service contracts we offer to ensure our equipment maintains a high level of performance and control in the field for years after install.

Workshop Repair Service

Our customers often ask us to perform routine maintenance, or diagnose and repair equipment that they've sent back to us from the field. Our team of engineers will diagnose and report any faults with the equipment, and then repair or replace components with customer approval.

Wastewater Monitoring and Control

Astles can provide fluoride monitoring systems for measuring total fluoride in your outfall flow, ensuring you stay in spec to meet current guidelines and regulations.

Astles' DIW-pH probes are well suited to the challenge of monitoring waste water pH, whether that is in neutralisation tanks, effluent tanks, or outfall flows. 

Our control systems can utilise our range of Grundfos dosing pumps to ensure your waste water pH is kept within any regulations.

Caustic and Acid Cleaning System

Astles' PC220 system is designed to clean process tanks during routine maintenance of a manufacturing process. The system doses chemicals based on user-defined system parameters to selected locations in order to clean the equipment and optimise the process during production.

The system will allow input of tank volume data and % volumetric strength required; it will then calculate the volume to be dosed and deliver the required chemical to each location.

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