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Chemical Control Specialists

  • Since the formation of Astles Control Systems (Astles) by Peter Astles in 1989, the company has steadily grown to become a major supplier of chemical dosing and control systems. Astles has continued grow and improve their products and services in line with the increasing demand. 

  • Astles products are sold to a variety of manufacturing industries. The main industries are two-piece beverage cans, automotive, engineering and motor components, white goods and architectural aluminium and steel.

  • Our industry-leading systems work on an automatic feedback-loop system, ensuring your chemical process is always kept within a tight specification.

  • We design, build and supply online industrial chemical controller systems using a range of Allen Bradley, Siemens and Red Lion PLCs and HMIs. At the sensing end, we supply fluoride, pH and redox electrodes plus conductivity probes and more. We designed the 762 probe holder to work with all these electrodes and since its introduction we have experienced extraordinary reliability. With its double-junction technology, the 762 offers excellent stability and performance. We build these probes with sophisticated analysers designed to withstand the gruelling industrial environments.

  • Our PC500 controller system can support an array of dosing solutions, including Grundfos Digital Dosing Pumps, relay controlled electronic valves and analogue controlled proportional valves. The new range of Grundfos Digital Dosing Pumps provides reliable and accurate dosing with minimal service and maintenance required.

  • We stock an extensive range of laboratory sensing equipment, including pH, Fluoride, Redox, RmV, and conductivity meters, either bench meters or handheld. We supply both Thermo-Orion and Mettler Toledo bench meters and portable meters and all the probes to go with them. To complete the range, we supply handheld colorimeters and turbidity meters.

  • Astles provide service contracts for regular maintenance and calibration. Our team of well-trained engineers can provide regular maintenance and calibrations to national standards, up to four times per year. You can also send equipment to us for maintenance, repair, and calibrations.

  • Our ISO9001 accreditation means that you can trust us to provide a high quality service every time.

  • In 2017, Astles joined the Scientific Digital Imaging plc (SDI) group. SDI designs and manufactures scientific and technology products for use by the life science, healthcare, astronomy, consumer manufacturing and art conservation markets through its own technology advancements, as well as through pursuing strategic, complementary acquisitions.

  • Currently the Astles team is comprised of a small but dedicated group of Service and Commissioning Engineers and is led by Hal Stephenson.

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Industry Leaders in Control Systems Since 1989
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