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Wastewater Total Fluoride Monitoring

Total Fluoride Monitoring System TFM01

The Total Fluoride Monitor is a rugged microprocessor-based system designed for use in an industrial water treatment plant. The system is rated to IP65, and all exposed parts are chemically resistant.

The system takes automatic total fluoride measurements at user defined time intervals and retransmits them over a 4-20 mA current loop.

The upper panel has a RevPi PLC and large touch-sensitive colour display giving measurement information. The main screen shows the most recent process values and alarm conditions. By pressing on-screen buttons, the operator can gain access to measurement logs showing the historical trends of the tank.

The lower panel contains sample & TISAB pumps and a fluoride measuring cell with drain.

The TFM01 can be expanded to a dual stream total fluoride monitor, the TFM02.

Auto Measurement

When the system is set to auto mode it will automatically take measurements at time intervals set by the operator.

Manual Measurement

Manual mode gives the operator the option of doing
a one-off measurement as needed.


The monitor utilizes TISAB II to measure the total fluoride concentration of the sample. A 25L drum to hold the TISAB II will be supplied with the equipment.

Technical Details


110V or 230V AC 50/60Hz


1900x400x450mm typical

40kg typical

0° – 50°C
20% to 80% non-condensing


Ethernet and USB


1280x800 bright, wide angle IPS TFT Multi-touch input
218x137mm touchscreen

TFM01 Total Fluoride Monitor Astles ACS chemical control system dosing
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