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Astles Stainless Steel Pumpstand

Stainless steel enclosed pump stand

Industrial stainless steel constructed pump stand. Each pump is individually enclosed for safety and convience of maintenance. 

Astles stainless steel pump stand dosing chemical control system PC500 ACS

Optional pressure relief valves and electrical junction box for safe operation and installation.  This pump stand can be configured for two to five Grundfos Smart pumps.




  • Floor standing with integrated protective earthing point

  • Stainless-steel frame

  • PVC drip tray with threaded drain hole

  • Individual hinged stainless-steel pump covers with a latch in the raised position

  • Acrylic viewing windows in the covers

  • Stainless-steel mounting plate for pump isolators (isolators optional)

  • Isolation and pressure-relief valves (optional)

  • Junction boxes for pre-wiring signal and power connections to pumps (optional)

  • Mounting bracket for double-wall tubing open connectors (optional)

  • Typical dimensions: 1350 x 1655 x 350 (h x w x d in mm, lids closed)

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