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Astles Self-Contained Dosing System

Astles Day Tank with Integrated Dosing Pump and Accessories

The Self-Contained Dosing System contains a 200-litre day tank with pre-installed dosing pump and draw-up tube. The compact dimensions mean that this system can be installed in any location the user requires.

Astles chemical control system ACS self contained dosing system

Each day tank is stored in a 220-litre containment bund, giving ample safety catchment.

The digital dosing pumps (DDA/DDC/DDE) are powered by 100V~240VACand can be specified to dose up to 30 litres per hour.


As standard, the pump runs at a fixed speed (Manual Mode), which can be specified by the control interface.


The draw-up tube has level monitoring capabilities, sending ‘Warning’ and ‘Alarm’ conditions to the pump for ‘Low-Level’ and ‘Empty’ states. The pump continues running under a ‘Warning’ condition but stops under an ‘Alarm’ condition.


Pump Control

  • Analog 0/4-20mA Control (DDA/DDC) – Flow rate scales to input signal, for example when connected to a chemical controller, such as the ACS pH700M

  • External Stop [0V Contact-Closure] – Only control method for DDE pumps

  • Pump runs at the pre-set speed for the time the External Stop signal is in effect

  • Pulse mode – Set volume (ml) to be dosed per pulse received

  • Pulse-based batch dosing – Set volume (ml) to be dosed in specified time per pulse received – pump will ignore external stop signals until batch is dosed (DDA pumps only)

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