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Orion AQUAfast AQ4000

Portable chlorine colorimeter

Orion AQUAfast AQ4000

Measure common colorimetric water and wastewater parameters using the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ AQUAfast AQ4000 Colorimeter. This instrument has 65 pre-programmed methods, automatic selection of four wavelengths and timer. Use auto-test ampoules with Auto-ID barcodes to simplify sample preparation and tests. Ampoules contain pre-measured liquid reagent and fill with the exact volume of sample. The colorimeter reads the barcode and automatically identifies the parameter and initiates the test. This IP67 waterproof meter records 100 data points and offers an average battery life of 2,500 hours intermittent use.



  • Identifies the species to be measured

  • Ensures error-free readings at a very affordable price

  • Selects the program and initiates the measurement without the user ever having pushed a button

  • Guides user through the setup and measurement with simple operation

  • Waterproof to IP67 standards

  • User can customize calibration and create completely custom method

  • Up to 12 data points can be used to define custom method

  • User can store maximum of 10 methods in the colorimeter's memory

  • User can datalog 100 points in the field with a time and date tag

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Technical Specifications:


Battery Type


Battery Life

2500 hr (Alkaline); 10000 hr (Lithium)

Cuvette Details

13, 16, 24 mm


Custom LCD

IP Rating


Light Source


Wavelength Range

420, 520, 580, 610 nm

Wavelength Selection



90 at 50°C max. %


AQ4000 Colorimeter, 13 and 16 mm vial adapter, tamping rod, 16 mm vial, zero kit (AQ4ZER), 4 AA Batteries and carrying case


12 dual function keys with tactile feedback




±2 nm

Temperature Range (Metric)

0°C to 45°C

Test Method

Up to 190 and 10 user defined programmed methods

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