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Free and Total Chlorine and Sulphate Testing

Test Sachets, Tablets, Dispensers, and Vials

Free and Total Chlorine Test Sachets

Our Free and Total Chlorine Tests powder sachets come pre-measured for your convenience, ensuring precision every time. Simply add the sachet to your sample stir gently. Let the solution stand for a few minutes, then observe any colour changes against the provided charts or using our Colourimeter AQ4000 or AQ3170.

Free / Total Chlorine Dispenser & Test Vials

Thermo Scientific™ AQUAfast Free and Total Chlorine Bulk DPD Powder Dispensers and Vials are designed for high volume testing of residual chlorine in water samples. The powders dissolve quickly in the solution and are easy to mix. Each vial contains 250 counts of DPD reagent and is available for free chlorine or total chlorine analysis in the lab or field.

  • Measure 0.02 to 2.00 mg/L (ppm) free chlorine or total chlorine

  • Bulk powder dispensers are designed for high sample throughput – reduces the cost per test and minimizes waste compared with individually packaged reagents

  • Equivalent to other widely used and recognized chemistries including AQUAfast AC4P71 free chlorine and AQUAfast AC4P72 total chlorine powder packs.

  • Compatible with AQ4000 and AQ3170 colorimeters.

Sulphate Test Tablets

In addition to free and total chlorine testing Astles also supplies packs of Sulphate test tablets that can be used with our AQ4000 colorimeters. Each pack contains 100 tablets to ensure easy and consistent ratios for testing.

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Available Products:


Aquafast Free Chlorine Tests. Pack of 100.

Part code: AC4P71

Aquafast Total Chlorine Tests. Pack of 100.

Part code: AC4P72

Aquafast II Sulphate Chlorine Tests. Pack of 100.

Part code: AC2082

Free/Total Chlorine Dispenser & Test Vials x1 (250 Tests)

Part code: AQ250F

Free/Total Chlorine Dispenser & Test Vials x5 (1250 Tests)

Part code: AQ250F-5

Test Vial for Dispenser x1 (250 Tests)

Part code: AC71P2

Aquafast IV AQ4000 Colorimiter

Part code: AQ4000

Aquafast Field AQ3170 Colorimiter

Part code: AQ3170


Pack of 4 Colorimeter Test Vials (Empty)

Part code: ECCUVKIT

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