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9172BNWP Sure-Flow Electrode

Mid-performance pH electrode

SURE-FLOW pH Electrodes are free-flowing liquid-to-liquid junction assures you of stable, drift free potentials.  The SURE-FLOW electrode junction can easily be opened and cleaned making ideal for dirty and clean samples alike.

The SURE-FLOW electrode has no ceramic or fibre junction to clog so they last longer and get better results.  Readings are stable to 0.01 pH in under 30 seconds, even in samples varying from one another by 50oC or more. Over the temperature range 0~100oC using ATC, results are 3 to 5 times more accurate than those obtained with conventional pH electrodes. 


Technical Specifications:


Combination pH Electrode, glass body, BNC waterproof connector



pH Range




Temperature (Metric) Operating

0°C to 100°C

Connector Types

BNC Waterproof

For Use With (Application)

Biological/Pharmaceutical –TRIS buffer, proteins, enzymes; Emulsions – Foods, cosmetics, oils; Emulsions – Petroleum products, paint; General Purpose – Most sample types; High Ionic Strength – Acids, bases, brines, pH > 12 or pH < 2; Low Ionic Strength –

Ordering Information:

Orion Model 9172BNWP Sure-Flow pH Electrode

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