A new era of dosing technology


Chemistry in water treatment, water and wastewater recycling and disinfection has experienced a huge development during the last years, and this poses a challenge for today's dosing technology. More and more complex applications require intelligent dosing pumps with new drives or new control and adjustment mechanisms to simplify the operators' job.

SMART Digital dosing pumps meet these challenges. They offer state-of-the-art drive technology, new dimensions of user-comfort and intelligent flow control. These features ensure extremely reliable, cost-effective and high-precision processes at an optimum price/performance ratio.

Designed to save costs and to protect the environment

In general, the investment for a dosing pump installation is low compared to its life cycle costs. Low operation costs and longer maintenance intervals combined with an extremely high dosing accuracy make SMART Digital the perfect partner for:

  •     Saving chemicals with high dosing accuracy and Flow Control

  •     Saving energy with latest drive technology and improved electronics

  •     Saving maintenance costs thanks to the universal chemical resistance of the full-PTFE diaphragm and Digital Dosing

  •     Saving natural resources with new composite materials and sustainable production processes

Processes and application areas

SMART Digital can be used in a wide range of processes…

  •     Disinfection

  •     pH-adjustment

  •     Chemical dosing

  •     Cleaning-in-place

  •     Biocides

  •     Coagulation

  •     Precipitation / Flocculation

  •     Filtration

  •     Reverse osmosis

…within a vast field of application areas:

  •     Ground water

  •     Surface water

  •     Drinking water

  •     Process water

  •     Recreational water

  •     Recycle & reuse


Precise and easy setup. Intuitive user interface. Simple handling and perfect overview and control even from the distance it's always easy to handle our SMART Digital!

  •     Intuitive and self-explanatory menu

  •     Click wheel (turn-and-push knob)

  •     Big graphical LCD with four colour "traffic light" concept

  •     More than 25 languages


Requirements change, demands grow, and capacities vary SMART Digital fits into every environment and situation!

  •     Turn-down ratio up to 1:3000 with a dosing spectrum of 0.0025 to 30 l per hour

  •     Click-stop mounting plate for quick and variable installation

  •     Control cube can be positioned in three ways (left, right, front)

  •     Using switch-mode power supply, the SMART Digital model DDA is independent from regional voltages


Flow Intelligence

Full control under all conditions. Highest process reliability at any time with SMART Digital!

  •     FlowControl with selective fault diagnosis

  •     Pressure monitoring

  •     Flow measurement

  •     AutoFlowAdapt


Smart Pumps and Accessories

DDA Instruction Manual


Approvals: CE ; CSA-US ; NSF61 ; GHOST ; C-Tick

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