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ACS Self-Contained Dosing System

Dosing pump mounted on a day tank

The Self-Contained Dosing System contains a 200-litre day tank with pre-installed dosing pump and draw-up tube. The compact dimensions mean that this system can be installed in any location the user requires.

Each day tank is stored in a 220-litre containment bund, giving a 110% safety catchment.

The digital dosing pumps (DDA/DDC/DDE) are powered by 100V~240VACand can be specified to dose up to 30 litres per hour.

As standard, the pump runs at a fixed speed (Manual Mode), which can be specified by the control interface.

The draw-up tube has level monitoring capabilities, sending ‘Warning’ and ‘Alarm’ conditions to the pump for ‘Low-Level’ and ‘Empty’ states. The pump continues running under a ‘Warning’ condition but stops under an ‘Alarm’ condition.

Pump Control

  • Analog 0/4-20mA Control (DDA/DDC) – Flow rate scales to input signal, for example when connected to a chemical controller, such as the ACS pH700M

  • External Stop [0V Contact-Closure] – Only control method for DDE pumps

  • Pump runs at the pre-set speed for the time the External Stop signal is in effect

  • Pulse mode – Set volume (ml) to be dosed per pulse received

  • Pulse-based batch dosing – Set volume (ml) to be dosed in specified time per pulse received – pump will ignore external stop signals until batch is dosed (DDA pumps only)


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