Astles Control Systems was formed in 1989 by a team of engineers with extensive experience in the field of liquid monitoring systems.  Since then the reputation of the company has continued to grow due to a continuous commitment to customer satisfaction.

An integral part of customer satisfaction is a comprehensive and reliable after sales service whether it’s commissioning, emergency callouts or planned maintenance.

Viewed by some as an unnecessary cost, it’s possible to save money by implementing a regular maintenance program.
Failure to take into account the consequences of a system breakdown cost you a great deal financially and raises your stress level as you try to solve the problem.  Very often production can be halted by the failure of just one measuring system.  The cost of such stoppages can be thousands of pounds.

With many companies cutting back on maintenance staff and not having their own specialist engineers to deal with analytical instrumentation and sensors, our emergency breakdown service is frequently called upon because of a sensor failure or a lack of knowledge of the system.

It is estimated that 90% of pH system failures are due to the pH sensor or sensor cabling.  This type of measurement is very susceptible to poor installation and maintenance.  By employing the services of an ACS engineer it is possible to have a dependable pH measuring system.

ACS engineers carry the spares required to keep your measurement systems working reliably.

Potential Risks

Consider the implications of a breakdown:

  • Which measuring systems will stop production on failure?
  • What backup systems have you planned for in the event of a system failure? For example, manual or timed dosing.
  • Where backup systems are available, how much extra attention must be paid to the backup system? Do you have a sufficient number of trained staff to cope?
  • What spare instruments and sensors do you hold?
  • Do you have the information and skills in house to fix a breakdown?


ACS planned maintenance provides an organised approach to keeping your system operating.

It’s similar to getting your car serviced at regular intervals – it won’t guarantee that equipment will not let you down but it lowers the risk substantially.

ACS planned maintenance can offer you:

  • A flexible maintenance programme tailored to meet your exact needs through a schedule of planned visits.
  • Emergency callouts can be included in the contract so that, in the event of a breakdown, an engineer can visit without incurring additional cost.
  • Visits can be arranged to coincide with company shutdowns or when it best suits you.
  • A team of qualified and experienced service engineers will ensure that your measurement system is functioning and operating as it was originally designed.
  • Calibration to traceable standards for conductivity, resistivity and pH measurement systems of our own and other manufacture.

Leading companies have already opted for our planned maintenance programme providing them with traceable certification and peace of mind.
Finally we also offer technical training at competitive rates on you instruments and sensors – from general operations, calibration and routine maintenance through to fault finding.

Page reviewed: 18th December 2017