pH600 with wand and probe
pH600 with wand and probe

The pH600 is a microprocessor controlled, loop powered isolated pH transmitter with all power being supplied from the two wire current loop connection. Isolation enables the pH probe to be at a potential relative to ground without affecting the integrity of the pH measurement. The two wire connection eliminates the requirement of a separate supply in addition to the loop supply voltage.


  • Temperature-compensated pH or ORP measurement.
  • Two-wire field mounted transmitter – suitable for multiple-loop installations with a central controller.
  • Local display of pH/ORP and temperature – suitable for use as a stand-alone pH monitor.
  • Isolated 4-20mA signal.
  • Simple pushbutton operation.
  • Tough IP65 die-cast Aluminium enclosure.
  • Plug and socket connectors for easy installation and maintenance.
  • Tool-free operation – no dip-switches or potentiometers.
  • Suitable for masthead mounting (as pictured) or wall mounting.

The pH600 two-wire field mounted transmitters, with the appropriate sensors, are designed to continuously measure the pH or ORP in industrial processes. The pH600 transmitters include all the circuitry necessary for the measurement and transmission of an isolated 4-20mA linear signal. All the transmitter’s functions are accessible through the pushbutton interface – there are no potentiometers or dip-switches. Two-point calibration of the signal is accomplished using the standard calibration routine. The pH600 can also temperature compensate pH readings using a 100 ohm TC element.

Dimensions of the pH600 with metal box
Dimensions of the pH600 with metal box

Technical Specifications

Range 0.00pH to 14.00pH
Resolution 0.01pH
Accuracy ±0.01pH
Range -10°C to 110°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Accuracy ±0.5°C
Range -1000mV to 1000mV
Resolution 1mV
Accuracy ±2mV
Temperature Compensation Auto (Pt100) / Manual (0° to 100°)
Number of Calibration Points 2
Calibration Buffers 4.01, 7.00, 10.01
Inputs Asymmetrical/Symmetrical
Outputs 4.0mA to 20.0mA
Under-range Current Output 3.8mA/4mA (selectable)
Over-range Current Output 3.8mA/20mA (selectable)
Hold Current Output 22mA/Last Value (selectable)
Display Custom LCD
Power Requirements 12V to 24V dc
Load Resistance 600 ohm Max

Model 762 Probe Assembly

With the addition of a Model 762 probe assembly and electrodes, the pH600 becomes a complete pH sensing unit. The most common usage of the 762 is with a wand, as shown above. Wands are available in lengths of 40, 70 and 100cm, although other lengths are available to special order.

Ordering Information

500/0020 pH600 isolated two-wire pH transmitter
500/0031 Complete pH monitor: pH600, 762, electrodes and 40cm wand.
500/0032 Complete pH monitor: pH600, 762, electrodes and 70cm wand.
500/0033 Complete pH monitor: pH600, 762, electrodes and 100cm wand.
500/0036 Budget pH monitor: pH600, 425 probe and 40cm wand.

ph600 instructions

pH600 instructions
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