pH Probe

DIW probes offer a rugged solution for monitoring and controlling pH levels for waste water treatment. The probes design reduces the build up of contamination and allows accurate readings to be taken for up to 12 months.

The DIW-pH is a replacement for the discontinued DIW711 and is a sealed, robust, low maintenance PVC bodied combination dip type electrode. The electrode incorporates a reference system containing a ceramic junction and gelled electrolyte allowing consistent and reliable pH readings in open vessel measurements.

The DIW-pH is best suited to open vessel and open stream measurements.

Technical Specifications

pH Range 0 to 14

Temperature Range (°C) 0 to 60

Slope (%) 95 to 102

Reproducibity <0.03 pH

Pressure Range Up to 1 bar

Electrode Resistance 100 to 300 MΩ

Long Term Stability (drift) 20°C in 4.00 buffer <0.03pH

EO -30 to 30 mV

Response Time <30 sec

Temperature Compensation None

Waterproof Yes

Sensor pH Bulb

Diameter 26 mm

Refillable No

Cable Length 6 m

Cable Termination BNC

Body Material PVC

Reference Type Ag/AgCl in Gelled Electrolyte

Shelf Life 6 months

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