EC Toroidal Conductivity Probe

The Model 556 EC toroidal conductivity probe is a large bore sensor available in polypropylene, mounted on a 316 stainless steel barrel. 556 sensors are suitable for most applications up to 70°C, and can accurately measure down to 100μS/cm. The sensor features an integral 3-wire RTD to compensate the conductivity measurement for temperature. 556 sensors are designed be compatible with both the loop-powered (two-wire) CT700 and mains-powered (110V-240V) CT700M toroidal conductivity analysers.


  • Large bore sensor allows higher accuracy.

  • Toroidal centre is angled, preventing the build-up of bubbles.

  • Chemically-resistant build.

  • Rigid construction.

  • Submersion-mount design.

  • 3m length cable as standard.

Tecnical Specifications


Minimum  100μS/cm (± 1sf)

Maximum 1000mS/cm (± 1sf)

Maximum Temperature


Integral RTD

3-wire pt1000

Cable Terminations

7 ferruled connections

Ordering Information

500/9008 Sensolution 556 EC Toroidal Conductivity Probe (550mm submersion, 3m cable)

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