We are an official distributor of Mettler-Toledo lab equipment and can supply meters, probes and ancillary equipment at very competitive prices.

Available products

SevenEasy(tm) Conductivity
SevenEasy™ Conductivity

  • FiveEasy benchmeters (pH, Conductivity)
  • SevenCompact benchmeters (pH, Conductivity)
  • SevenExcellence benchmeters (pH, ISE, Conductivity)
  • FiveGo handheld meters (pH, Redox, Conductivity, TDS, salinity)
  • SevenGo handheld meters (pH, Conductivity)
  • SevenGo Duo handheld meters (pH, Conductivity)
  • SevenGo Pro handheld meters (pH, Conductivity, DO, ISE)
  • SevenGo Duo Pro handheld meters (pH, Conductivity, DO, ISE)
  • Temperature probes
  • Routine pH electrodes
  • Professional pH electrodes
  • InLab electrodes
  • Economy electrodes
  • pH half-cell electrodes
  • Reference electrodes
  • RedCap electrodes
  • ORP and Redox electrodes
  • ISE and Gas Sensitive electrodes
  • Conductivity probes
  • Refracto Refractometer
  • Quickbrix Refractometer
  • Densito Density Meter

Page reviewed: 18th December 2017