Truly Universal and Reliable

S230 Conductivity Meter
S230 Conductivity meter

The SevenCompact™ series combines precise electrochemical measurement technologies with flexibility, innovative design and ease-of-use.

The SevenCompact™ conductivity meter S230 is the perfect choice for a wide range of applications. Not only does it measure conductivity but also various other parameters, like salinity, total dissolved solids, resistivity and conductivity ash. Starting a measurement or calibration has never been easier, requiring only a single keypress.

Reasons for SevenCompact™

  • Fast and accurate measurements
  • User-friendly operation
  • Menu guidance in 10 languages
  • Clear, well arranged colour display
  • Many peripheral options
  • GLP compliant

Productive Work from the Start

Intuitive and Powerful

The instrument’s functionality has been designed to maximize the productivity of your work. Stand alone, the instrument already offers much functionality, but you can achieve higher efficiency and flexibility by connecting peripherals.


The instrument’s versatility is also reflected in its security package. Users requiring little or no GLP support can easily use the instrument without worrying about security settings. Still they benefit from the functionalities that minimize mistakes, such as calibration support and Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®). On the other hand, those that need full GLP support will have peace of mind when employing the full spectrum of security functionalities.

All Parameters or the Essentials – Decide by a single key press

The instrument gives you the choice! In the normal screen layout, all available information is visible. By switching to the uFocus™ view you will not be distracted by information of less importance.

Perfect Ergonomics and High Productivity with uPlace™

uPlace™: the electrode arm can be operated with one hand; moving straight up and down. This allows for faster measurements and reduces the risk of the sample vessel tipping over and/or damage to the sensor!

Total Flexibility with Data Processing

Upon reaching endpoint SevenCompact™ allows multiple archiving options: the data can be stored, printed or transferred to LabX direct. Any combination of these three options is possible giving you total flexibility.

Technical Specifications

Measuring rangeResolutionAccuracy
Conductivity 0.001 µS/cm…1000 mS/cm 0.001…1 ± 0.5%
TDS 0.00 mg/L…1000 g/L 0.01…1 ± 0.5%
Salinity 0.00…80.00 psu 0.00…1.0 ± 0.5%
Resistivity 0.00…100.0 MΩ•cm 0.00…1.0 ± 0.5%
Conductivity ash 0.000…2022% 0.001…1 ± 0.5%
Temperature MTC-30.0…130.0 °C0.1 °C± 0.1 °C
Temperature ATC-5.0…130.0 °C0.1 °C± 0.1 °C
Calibration points1
Calibration standards 13 pre-defined and 1 user-defined
Temperature capture Automatic* and manual
Manual input of cell constant Yes
Display of cell constant Always visible on home screen
Calibration reminder User-configurable
Choice of endpoint formatsAutomatic, manual, timed
Temperature capture Automatic* and manual
Choice of reference temperature 20 °C or 25 °C
Choice of temperature compensation Linear, non-linear, off, pure-water
Serial measurements Time interval user-configurable
Pure & ultra-pure water USP/EP compliant
Bioethanol ABNT NBR 10547:2006
Sugar analysis ICUMSA GS2/3-17 and GS 1/3/4/7/8-13
System and GLP
Menu guidance10 languages
Display colour schemeBlue, red, green, grey
Time and date2 time formats, 4 date formats
PIN protectionLogin, deletion of data, system settings
Measurement limitsUser-defined
Instrument modesRoutine mode / expert mode
ID inputUser ID, sample ID, sensor ID, sensor SN
ID input automationBarcode reader and keyboard (USB)
Data processing
Data storage1000 measurements
Print formatsShort, normal, GLP
Data ExportUSB-stick, LabX direct PC software
Conductivity input Mini-DIN
Temperature sensor inputMini-DIN (integrated in conductivity input)
Digital sensor input mini-LTW
Digital sensor inputmini-LTW
Communication interfacesRS232, USB-A, USA-B
Stirrer connectorMini-DIN
Power requirementsDC 9–12V/10W
Size/weight204 x 174 x 74 mm, 890 g
Ambient conditions
Temperature5…40 °C
Relative humidity5…80% (non-condensing)
Installation categoryII
Pollution degree2
AltitudeUp to 2000 m above sea level
Ingress protection
Protection levelIP54
HousingABS/PC reinforced
WindowPolymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)
KeypadMembrane keypad: Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)


Page reviewed: 18th December 2017