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BA50 Dosing Pump
BA50 Dosing Pump

Nikkiso dosing pumps are chemical dosing pump suitable for use in;

  • Water Treatment
  • Effluent Treatment
  • Metal Pretreatment Chemicals
  • Detergent Addition
  • Biocides
  • Lubricants
  • Paint Denaturants
  • Neutralisation

Features and Applications

The Nikkiso Eiko BA Series of Chemical Feeders are a well proven metering pump. The mechanically flexed leak proof diaphragm design offers accurate repeatable dosing at a low cost. Seven pump sizes cover capacities from 0.5 ~ 45 l/hr at maximum discharge pressures between 5 and 15 bar. All pumps have manually adjustable stroke length when stationary allowing adjustment from 20% to 100% of the rated capacity. Pump motors are available as 110V and 240V 50/60 Hz single phase, and 240V, 380V, 415V three phase. A choice of liquid end materials and wide range of accessories make the Chemical Feeder ideal for dosing chemicals in a very wide range of applications.

Technical Data

Max CapacityMax Pressure
BA01 0.72 l·h-11000 kPa (10 bar)
BA03 4.5 l·h-11000 kPa (10 bar)
BA05 6.9 l·h-11000 kPa (10 bar)
BA10 12 l·h-11000 kPa (10 bar)
BA20 24 l·h-11000 kPa (10 bar)
BA30 37.8 l·h-11000 kPa (10 bar)
BA50 45.6 l·h-1700 kPa (7 bar)


Pump Refurbishment Service

We offer a pump refurbishment service at our workshop. We are able to refurbish pumps to work as new for a much lower cost than a buying new (dependent of the condition of the pump). Contact us for details.

Accessories and Spares

We supply a large range of accessories and spares for Nikkiso pumps including;

Nikkiso Spares
Nikkiso Spares

  • Footvalve and Strainer assemblies
  • Antisiphon checkvalves
  • Suction/Discharge hose
  • Cams
  • Diaphragms
  • Service kits (1 diaphragm, 2 ball valves,
    2 o-rings and 2 valve seats)
  • Complete dosing heads
  • Footvalve and Strainer assemblies

Please contact us with your requirements.


Page reviewed: 18th December 2017