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Digital Dosing Pump
Digital Dosing Pump

Now you no longer have to struggle for precision. Digital Dosing™ is here, and it has come to make your life easier. It’s that simple, and it’s from Grundfos. We are talking about true innovation. The principles are new, the methods are new, and the patents are pending! No more guesswork, no more hassle with setting the pump. The future of dosing technology has arrived.


High Capacity Digital Dosing Pump
High Capacity Digital Dosing Pump

Digital Dosing™ is made possible by a completely new drive principle in a diaphragm dosing pump. This is supplemented with direct electronic digital control from a pushbutton control panel which takes all the guesswork out of dosing. Digital Dosing™ means that when you set your pump to supply a specific dosage you will know that what you set is what you get. What Grundfos is bringing you here is not an improvement on existing pumps. It is an innovation in the very true sense of the  word – a completely new standard. It will make your job a lot easier and your results a lot better. You will save time, and you will save money.


Switching your existing LMI, Prominent, Alldos or Pulsafeeder dosing pump is simple and can bring several benefits. Click here for more...


DME Cutout

1. Drive Unit
The toothed belt drive unit and the crank mechanism control the action of the diaphragm at all times.  The long life drive unit is maintenance free.

2. Dosing Head
The dosing head is designed with focus on user friendliness. A venting valve is standard on all pumps, and large union nuts facilitate assembly and access.  The double suction valve ensures a tight seal during the extended discharge stroke.

3. Diaphragm
The design of the PTFE coated diaphragm ensures long life.

4. Microprocessor Control
The microprocessor based control system translates operator settings into the correct pump output.

5. Stepper Motor
The stepper motor ensures full control of the diaphragm movement during both the suction and discharge phases.

6. Composite Housing
The IP65 rated housing is robust lightweight and highly resistant to chemicals.


  1. Pressure peaks in the dosing head and discharge line are minimised.
  2. Vibration caused by the sharp pulsation in traditional pumps is virtually eliminated.
  3. The additive is discharged more evenly.

The DME series goes one step further with its variable speed stepper motor.  The speed of the DME motor is variable so the discharge phase extends over the full period between suction phases.  The result is a better more even mix.  It also means that the suction phase can be extended using the unique anti cavitation function.  The slower suction phase made possible in a Digital Dosing™ pump ensures correct intake of additive every time – even when dosing high viscosity liquids.


A Grundfos pump can stand alone, or it can be connected to advanced process automation systems.  With fieldbus communications (e.g. PROFIBUS), you’re always well informed about plant status and in full control of your dosing system.


Pump Type            DME 2812194860150375940
Capacity at Max Pressure (l/hr) 2.57.51218.54860150375940
Max Pressure (bar) 181066.32.6104104
Setting Range 1:10001:800
Max Stroke Frequency (min-1) 180151160
Max Viscosity (mPa) 500*1003000**
Suction Lift (m) 6
Repeatability (%) ±1
Power Supply (V) @ 50/60 Hz 100 to 240
Max Current at 100V 0.27A0.35A1.25A2.40A
Max Current at 230V 0.16A0.26A0.67A1.00A

*   200 mPa without spring-loaded valves
** 100 mPa without spring-loaded valves


  • Neutralisation chemicals
  • Disinfection chemicals
  • Coagulants
  • Flocculants
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Biocides
  • Detergents
  • Acid cleaners
  • Alkali cleaners
  • Zinc Phosphating chemicals
  • Chromating chemicals
  • Lubricants
  • pH adjustment chemicals
  • Oxygen scavengers


Component StandardAlternate 1Alternate 2
Diaphragm PTFE coated EPDM
Head Polypropylene PVDF Stainless Steel 1.4401
Ball Valve Ceramic Stainless Steel 1.4401 Glass

Any combination of the above materials is available.  Other materials are available on request.



DME 2812194860150375940
A (mm) 110 110 176 176 238 238
B (mm) 110 110 198 198 218 218
C (mm) 168 188 331 345 471 496
D (mm) 160 160 284 284 364 364
E (mm) 98 98 180 180 230 230
F (mm) 239 294 444 444 540 539
G (mm) 36 15 41 28 31 6
H (mm) 50 50 74 74 95 95
I (mm) 137 192 187 187 246 246


Standard pumps have an input for pulse control, an input for 4~20 mA analogue control, and an input for dual level control or external start/stop.  An alarm relay output is available as an option.  Bus communications are also available – Profibus (variant AP), or GENIbus (variant AG).  These modules enable remote monitoring and setting via the bus system.  The pump also has an internal timer which can be used to provide timed dosing.  The digital display text can be set to English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Danish.


dme info sheet

DME information sheet
0.75MB pdf
grundfos databook

Grundfos data booklet
4.04MB pdf

dme instructions

DME-2 to -48 instructions
1.63MB pdf
dme 60 to 940 ar instructions

DME-60 to -940 -AR instructions
2.11MB pdf
dme 60 to 940 b instructions

DME-60 to -940 -B instructions
1.05MB pdf

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