DIW-pH Probe
DIW-pH Probe

The DIW-pH is a replacement for the discontinued DIW711 and is a sealed robust, low maintenance PVC bodied combination dip type electrode. The electrode incorporates a reference system containing a ceramic junction and gelled electrolyte allowing consistent and reliable pH readings in open vessel measurements.

The DIW-pH is best suited to open vessel and open stream pH measurements

Technical Specifications

pH Range0 to 14
Temperature Range (°C) 0 to 60
Slope (%)95 to 102
Reproducibity <0.03 pH
Pressure Range Up to 1 bar
Electrode Resistance 100 to 300 MΩ
Long Term Stability (drift) 20°C in 4.00 buffer <0.03pH
EO -30 to 30 mV
Response Time <30 sec
Temperature Compensation None
Waterproof Yes
Sensor pH Bulb
Diameter 26 mm
Refillable No
Cable Length 6 m
Cable Termination BNC
Body Material PVC
Reference Type Ag/AgCl in Gelled Electrolyte
Shelf Life 6 months

Page reviewed: 18th December 2017