PC50 Display
The PC50 Display

The PC50 is a microprocessor based control system that monitors the critical stages of a metal pre-treatment line. The system provides an alarm if any of the measured parameters go out of specification. Control outputs are also provided to automatically control dosing pumps to hold the readings in specification.

The system can be used with most of the proprietary chemical products currently on the market.

Each pump of the PC50 has three modes of operation, "Auto", "Man" and "Off". Selection of "Auto" operation causes the dosing pump to be controlled automatically by the PID controller to maintain the process at the user-entered setpoint. "Off" prevents the dosing pump from running. In "Man" mode a percentage output from the pump can be entered, for example 25% might be selected - in the event of a sensing system failure - to add chemical at a constant rate.

The system is interlocked to the line and will only dose chemicals when the line is running.

The PC50 has alarms that can be configured as deviation alarms from the user entered setpoints. Active alarms are indicated on the display and cause the alarm beacon to flash. The alarm can be acknowledged to stop the beacon.


  • Clear digital bath parameter displays
  • Conductivity, pH, Redox, Fluoride options
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Non contacting conductivity sensor - eliminates fouling problems
  • pH resolution 0.01 pH units
  • PID controlled analogue or relay output
  • Alarm to warn of out of specification conditions
  • Utilises 4~20 mA, 2-wire transmitters for interference free signal transmission.

PC50 Control Loop
The PC50 Control Loop

Technical Details

Enclosure sealed to IP65

110V/230V AC 50/60 Hz, 5 amps Instrument is CE Marked in accordance with EN50081-2, and EN50082-2.

Probe system

Total Acid/Alkali Toroidal (inductive) conductivity sensor with automatic temperature compensation. 2-wire 4~20 mA transmitter.

pH/Fluoride Industrial pH or Fluoride sensor with double junction reference electrode, integral pre-amplifier, and automatic temperature compensation. 2-wire 4~20 mA transmitter.

Redox Industrial Redox sensor with double junction reference electrode. 2-wire 4~20 mA transmitter.

Analogue 4~20mA outputs fully configurable for PID control

Display ranges
Custom configurable to any desired bath strength units.

RS232, RS485 and Ethernet data transmission.


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